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Welcome to the GoFuelMaker web site.  

Our Mission is to promote the use and sale of BRC FuelMaker CNG Refueling Appliances here in the Mid Atlantic Region of the US. We work closely with the BRC company and its distributors to make FuelMaker products and information easy to locate and obtain.

As North America and the rest of the world wrestle with solutions to environmental and energy self-sufficiency issues, a number of alternate technologies have and will continue to emerge. Today, BRC FuelMaker manufactures, distributes, installs and services Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA) and Phill, the Home Refueling Appliance (HRA) for fleet and commuter vehicles powered by CNG.

BRC FuelMaker and FuelMaker have been providing refueling infrastructure solutions for more than 20 years. With over 11,000 VRAs and 2000 Phills sold worldwide, BRC FuelMaker is a leader in the alternative fuels industry.

The BRC FuelMaker System is the established benchmark for VRAs and HRAs with 94 international patents and a state-of-the-art patented natural gas compressor that can be installed almost anywhere.

Phill Refuelling ApplianceVRAs are targeted at small to medium sized fleets of commercial vehicles, in-plant vehicles, such as forklifts and ice cleaners, other specialty vehicles and smaller vehicle populations. Phill is the world's first natural gas refueling appliance that lets the customer fuel their Natural Gas Vehicle indoors or outdoors from the convenience of their own home.

The BRC FuelMaker VRA system design has the flexibility to fuel vehicles quickly (Fast-Fill) or over a period of time (Time-Fill), as required. The result is an efficient fueling system that meets the widespread customer demands of convenience, practicality and low cost.

Our VRAs and Phill are certified as appliances by CSA and carry the CE mark. Consequently, we are able to market and distribute our products without the additional cost and regulatory delays common to all other natural gas vehicle (NGV) compression equipment companies.

Our technology, industry reputation and proven product performance have enabled us to capitalize on the emerging Alternative Fuel markets for conventional internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell, and hybrid/electric vehicles. We will continue to provide the solution to the refueling infrastructure dilemma facing the alternative energy industry now and in the future.

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